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Hearth and Home

    American Culinary Federation

    "Tower of Junk Food"

    For the Great Chef's Dinner this year I decided to do a parody off the wonderful, high-end courses our chef's were preparing for the dinner...a tower of junk food!

    To accomplish this I had a very special family and friends:  The three amazing women (who are by trade bank executives) are Mary Storey, Jacqui Hannah and my very own mom, Mary Pettigrew.

     My dad, Bill and my husband and son held the honor of indispensable support, cleaning crew, and hard laborers
    (which, for the record, is one step up from vital).  In other words the roadies without which we would have accomplished nothing.

     I have to say this was the best competition team I have ever had the privilege of working with. 



Icing the base to be a giant cheeseburger

My mom and I ice the base of the cake with butter cream icing.  As well as the "burgers" you see here we will also have lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mustard, cheese and a sesame seed bun.


  The bucket of popcorn

Mary and Jacqui prepare the next layer of cake with red fondant stripes.  They will then add detailed lettering to the outside of the "bucket" and "popcorn".

Many thanks to Capaco for donating the fondant
for this event!

  Adding to the tower

My dad and mom work on the details of the pizza box as Jacqui adds the "olive" and "popcorn"

  Up, Up We Go!

As the tower gets taller I need a step stool to reach the top. 
We have added the "cookie bag" and are now putting on the can of
"nuts" and the spacer. 

The spacer is a layer of pillars made of an "ice cream cone",
a "can of beer", a "soda cup" (complete with a straw and ice),
and a "hot dog".

My husband and dad have to hold this layer while I add supports
to the "cookie bag" below.

  The very top

Mary finishes the details on the cup cake.  The "foil" has to be painted with edible silver and confetti sprinkles are added to the icing.

  This is it!

The final layer is placed on top.  Whew.  Two hours later we are done...except for moving the cake to the stage. 




    making the "pizza" The pretzel        Onion rings and lolly pop                     Bar B-Q potato chips

All Done!

Thank you to
Gene Gissin 
for this great photo of our team!