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Our Famous Cake Flavors

The Gingersnap Bakery has over 40 different cake flavors to choose from.  Try something traditional  for a comfortable, home style gathering or something more exotic when you want to impress a sophisticated, upscale palate.

Click here for popular fillings and icing

Traditional Flavors:
Carrot cake Vanilla
Chocolate Marble
Red velvet  
Almond Confetti
Fruit/Tropical Flavors:
Strawberry swirl Lemon
Key Lime Orange Cream
Lemon-Raspberry Pineapple
Coconut Pineapple-Coconut
Coconut-Key lime Coconut-Mango Apple spice Pumpkin
Raspberry swirl Strawberry Gingerbread Spice
Banana nut Lemon-Blueberry    


Chocolate Flavors:
Chocolate mint Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate-Apricot
Chocolate-Cherry Chocolate-Almond
    Exotic Flavors:
    Grasshopper Italian Ribbon
Pistachio Pink Champagne
Peaches 'n cream Chocolate chip cookie


Cookies 'n cream

Specialty Dessert Cakes
Death By Chocolate Cake: Chocolate cake, Chocolate cream filling, Chocolate icing covered in ganache
Black Forest Cake: Chocolate cake with cherry topping and whipped icing
Ice Burg Cake: Three layers of coconut cake with coconut cream filling and glittery coconut "snow" drifts on top
Tiramisu: Vanilla cake soaked in espresso liquor with mascarpone custard
Black Tie Mousse Cake: chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling, whipped icing and ganache