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Hearth and Home

Community Events -
Every year the staff of The Gingersnap Bakery pools their creative talents to create
an incredible gingerbread "house".

The Gingerbread gallery at Erie Canal Museum -
Contact The Erie Canal Museum at  
to find out more about the Gingerbread Gallery.



Gingerbread Gallery 2004

The first year we competed we decided to make a bakery.  Part of the roof was open you you could see all the gingerbread bakers inside.  We had bread racks, a mini display case, cakes, pies and cookies.  We even had a brick oven!

Gingerbread Gallery 2005

In 2005 we decided to make a carnival.  We had a big top, Ferris wheel, hot air balloon rides, animals, a high wire act, even a fortune teller! 


Gingerbread Gallery 2006

In 2006 we made a Tikki hut/beach scene.  It had a mini sand castle, pig roast, Santa surfing, even a limbo contest.  Inside the hut was a bar and waiters serving drinks to thirsty beach goers!  This is the only entry we didn't win first place.



Gingerbread Gallery 2007

Well, we really had our noses out of joint when we didn't win in 2006 so we created the gingerbread house to end all gingerbread houses!  An Arabian Mirage.  We made a flying carpet, market place, tigers, camels, even hand-painted belly dancers.  Yep, we won!



Gingerbread Gallery 2009


    2007 we kicked gingerbread butt again with our "under  construction" creation.  It was a tipsy wedding cake being made by gingerbread chefs and construction workers.  there was a dumpster out back, painter on scaffolding, and a chef placing the bride and groom on top.

Gallery 2010

In 2010 we decided to do a fun farm theme "When the Farmer is Away".  We had "cow pies", pigs sunning themselves in the mud, chickens lounging listening to music, some frogs adjusting the rabbit ears on the television set and even three blind mice!