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Perfect Weddings

Create Your Wedding CakeóMake it Unique!

Designing your wedding cake is an important part of your reception. You should blend your personality with the feel your want to portray at your reception.  For instance:

*Graceful scrollwork, fresh flowers and a more traditional French Vanilla cake
lend themselves well to a Victorian style reception.

*Geometric shapes and designs with bold flavors like Italian Ribbon cake or cherry almond
are great for a more modern feel.

*An elegant, sophisticated affair will have only one or two colors, clean smooth lines and
an upscale flavor like pink champagne or chocolate raspberry.

*A tropical event may utilize sugar sea shells with flavors like coconut mango or key lime!

Here are some ideas you can use to create your perfect cake:


Marzipan and gum paste
Don't forget about handmade gum paste flowers and marzipan fruit.  Both add unique touches that will
make your cake personal.  
View samples.



Fresh flowers
Add beauty and a splash of color to wedding cakes. For a sophisticated touch, sugared flowers are another excellent choice.
 View samples.

Fresh fruit
Sliced peaches, clusters of grapes, sliced kiwi, fresh berries! This is especially delectable with white chocolate cheesecake.
 View samples.

For chocolate lovers here are some
examples of the perfect wedding cake!

View Samples

A special type of icing that can be used to create a smooth, porcelain finish on formal cakes or tinted, cut and molded for funky cakes! 
View Samples



Cake flavors   
Our favorites include: French Vanilla | Chocolate Mint | Almond | Lemon-Raspberry | Pink Champagne | Key Lime I Strawberry Swirl
Other flavors to consider include: Pistachio | Orange Chiffon | Chocolate Peanut Butter | Marble | Cherry-Almond | Lemon-Blueberry | Cherry | Confetti | Lemon | Raspberry Swirl | Chocolate-raspberry | Grass Hopper | Italian Ribbon
Seasonal Favorites:  Apple spice | Pumpkin | Carrot | Spice | Red Velvet |
See all our cake flavors listed under Occasions

Icing and more 

To top it all off, your cake can be frosted with a sweet, rich butter cream,
a light and airy whipped icing, or a smooth and elegant fondant.
Also popular are cream cheese icing, chocolate icing and very decadent chocolate ganache.


Adding filling to your cake adds another layer of delight for your guests.
 Fillings include a variety of flavors and textures to complement your cake.

  • Fruit fillings, such as strawberry, lemon, or raspberry mousse
  • Creams and puddings—think about Bavarian or chocolate cream and even cream cheese!
  • Unusual fillings include mascarpone, chocolate truffle, almond pastry cream
  • Mixed fillings could be chocolate almond, lemon raspberry, and coconut key lime

To see all our cake flavors, fillings and icing possibilities go to occasions