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Perfect Weddings

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake designs can fall into many categories. 
Here are some design styles to check out. 

Tiered Cakes
A more traditional style, this usually has pillars holding the layers separate from each other. Modern brides are using this set-up for a more avant-garde look by packing the layers between the cakes with fresh flowers.

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Stacked Cakes
All layers sit directly on top of one another. The cake can then be garnished with fresh or edible flowers and even votive candles for a
romantic or garden wedding.

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Cake Stands
Usually a rental item, cake stands can make your cake taller
and more substantial.  This is a great idea for a smaller cake
because it will give the cake more presence. 

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Risers usually separate each layer on individual stands and at different heights. this enables us to arrange the stands in a variety of displays and garnish each layer separately.

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Unique Cakes

Of course, all wedding cakes are unique! But some don't fall into the categories above. For example, cakes made with fondant icing.

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Other categories cakes can fall into may include seasonal designs, fountains, nature themes and castles
Check out more cake designs here. 

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